Berry.Best Group

IQF Bilberry, electronic sorting and cleaning, 25 kg paper bags

Wholesale supply of wild bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus L.) collected in environmentally friendly Karelia.

Organic, natural product. Bilberries are individually quick-frozen (IQF) and processed on electronic sorting and cleaning line Sortex K. 

Main properties of Berry.Best Bilberry

  • Bilberry contains antioxidants (anthocyanins more than 0.37%), therefore it is a good solution for cancer precaution;
  • Due to the special technology of shock freezing IQF, the berry doesn't lose its beneficial properties and ingredients;
  • Bilberry reduces the amount of sugar in the blood, increases the acidity of gastric juice, improves digestion, metabolism;
  • Bilberry enhances visual acuity, improving blood flow to the retina;
  • Bilberry is a good source of vitamin C, magnesium and calcium;
  • Bilberry is used in cosmetics, for skin moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effect;
  • Bilberry is used as a food coloring purple plant;
  • Bilberry is used for making cordials, jellies, jams, pies.

Picking, Sorting, Packing - Berry.Best Bilberry Product

In July-August we start the bilberry picking crop, which lasts during the fall in the forests of Karelia.

Collected and delivered bilberry starts its processing steps: blowing, vibro-sorting and quick freezing (IQF).

Next step is a modern electronic sorting device Sortex K which includes laser-sorting and two-stage manual advanced separating.

Cleaned and sorted bilberries are automatically packed in 25kg. paper bags and are placed on pallets.

Packed berries are placed in the industrial refrigerator with a modern system of constant temperature control.

Berry.Best Group has a cold storing capacity to store 3,000 tons of frozen bilberries.

We use refrigerated trucks for berries delivery to the port or to the client's warehouse. 

Before signing the contract, we offer you to visit the Berry.Best manufacture. You will have an apportunity to see the sorting, freezing and packaging process which is based on Scandinavian standards.

Why are we one of the best suppliers of berries?

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